Its important to keep our dogs and other dogs safe, especially if they are in the public, or interacting with other dogs. Dogs are not required to be fixed but if staying at our facility and sexual behaviors become a problem they may be required to be altered before their next stay. If your dog is or may be pregnant addition fees will occur if medical treatment is needed or dog gives birth while at our facility.

Vaccinations are required as follows. Rabies annually or every 3 years . DHPP/DHLPP (distemper/parvo ) 3 boosters required during puppyhood then annually or every 3 years, alternative titer testing accepted. Bordetella (kennel cough) recommended every 6months or annually.

If your dog is unable to get any vaccinations due to medical reasons a letter from your vet explaining is required.

Please treat your dog with a topical flea and tick product (not a flea collar). Flea and tick checks are performed and if we find either on your dog we will treat your dog, and clean our facility at your expense. Regular deworming is also required. Prevention is key to keep our facility pest free.