Dog Training, Boarding, Parties and More

Dog Training

"Train with your brain, not pain" -Pat Miller

Private Lessons

One-on-one training in clients home or designated location (example dog park or dog friendly store). This is especially a good choice if your dog is having issues at home or in public. Our trainer will travel to you and work on specific behaviors in the location where help is needed.

Private lesson $115/hr or buy a 6 hour package for $650. (Save $40)
New: 1/2 hour lessons for $70 or buy 6, 1/2 hour session for $400

Mileage: Depending on your location from our facility. Anything more than 20 miles round trip has a mileage fee of $30-40.

Bite Fee: If your dog is a level three or higher on the bite scale, an additional $30 fee per session will apply. See Dr. Ian Dunbars bite scale (link in resources)

Board & Train

Intense, consistent and effective training in the trainer’s home. This allows us to have a very focused, individualized training schedule to reach your goals over the course of two or more days. Each day your dog will receive 6 private sessions, enrichment, and proper socialization. At the end of your stay our trainer will go over the behaviors and how to effectively and consistently work on these behaviors at home.
Board and Train will be temporarily closed the month of July 2024

$1,100/wk or $4,000/mo

Play Camp

Play camp is a great alternative when your busy schedule makes it difficult to do group classes or private lessons. Play camp includes controlled play groups with trainers dogs, maintaining previous training and correcting/redirecting unwanted behaviors. Full day of training from 9am-4or5pm with distractions. Play Camp includes six one on one lessons with our trainer. When you pick up your dog at the end of the day our trainer will explain and demonstrate how to maintain the behaviors taught. One private lesson is required before booking a play camp.
Play Camp $200/day

Star Puppy Course

Basic behavior training course with socialization for puppies under 6 months. Behaviors include Sit, Down, Stay, Puppy Pushups, Off, Easy, Touch, Equipment, Lets Go, Look, Place, Puppy Pow-wow, Leave it, Handling and grooming, Speaking dog, Wait, Come, Emergency recall, Drop it. At the end of the course your puppy will receive the AKC star puppy test and get a chance at earning their gold medal.
$240 (6 week course)

Basic Behavior Class

6 week course meeting for one hour once per week, max of 8 dogs. Behaviors include: Sit, Down, Stay, Puppy Pushups, Off, Easy, Touch, Equipment, Lets Go, Look, Place, Leave it, Handling and grooming, Speaking dog, Wait, Come, Emergency Recall. AKC CGC testing available after class on last session for additional $10 fee (savings of $30!) For dogs over 6 months.

AKC Testing

Includes akc star puppy, akc canine good citizen, akc community canine, akc urban canine, akc trick dog novice, akc trick dog intermediate, akc trick dog advanced, akc trick dog performer, akc trick dog elite performer. For more information visit Dog Training – American Kennel Club. and What Is Canine Good Citizen? – American Kennel Club
AKC Testing $40/test

Condensed Courses

This 4-week course has 3 different levels of difficulty.

Level A introduces some basic behavior skills that will be the foundation for future courses. Upon completion you have the option to advance to

Level B. (If you have taken CGC prep course you do not need level A and can skip to level B). Level B will be taking level A skills and refining them, making them stronger and adding new distractions.
Level C will take everything you have learned so far and put it all together. After completion your dog will be ready for Advanced Canine Good Citizen test and on their way for the Urban Canine test.


Puppy Pre-School

Start your puppy off on the right paw with this two part course. In this short series we will cover basic issues including potty training, crate training, household manners, and socialization. We will also cover those natural naughty puppy behaviors like chewing, biting and jumping! Have the best possible relationship with your pup by strengthening the foundation of your bond with early training and socialization.
$100 / 2 Days

K9 Parenting

Main focus of potty training, crate training, bite inhibition, and chew toy training! K9 parenting is a great class for new pet owners or if it’s been awhile and you’ve decided it’s time to get another dog! What to do and what to expect with a main focus of potty training and natural dog behaviors that can come as a surprise (including chewing, marking, play bites and so on). This class covers the most important things a dog can learn squeezed down into one lesson. A great class to take to learn the basics without committing to a 6 week course.

PetSaver™ Training

Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Now you can be with PetSaver training. Terric Canines lead trainer Tiffany Mason is a  certified Pet Tech® Instructor. Become the ultimate pet parent and sign up for a PetSaver™ class to learn more about Pet CPR, First Aid & Care. More information can be found on our PetSaver™  Page

Be a Tree

Dog bite prevention for kids. This is a great bite prevention course that will not only teach kids how to read dog’s body language but how to react if a dog makes them uncomfortable or a strange approaches them. During this presentation we teach kids how to be dog detectives by finding clues of how a dog might be feeling. All tools you need to read a dog’s body language and be safe you always have with you. We show the kids their tools box is in their head and their tools are their body, eyes, mouth, fist, and legs. We teach kids that it’s never a good idea to go up to a strange dog no matter how friendly it may seem. We teach the kids what to do if the strange dog approaches them. They will learn how to be a tree by tucking their branches in and watching their roots grow because trees are boring and the dog will not be so interested in them and go away. There will be no dogs present for this course but instead we will have educational pictures and plush dogs showing the various signals dogs can give and what they mean. We will also play some fun interactive games to help the students practice.

101&102 Dalmatians

With over 101 different types of dogs out there It’s hard to choose the right breed for you. We can help!

101:Professional help choosing appropriate breed. With so many different breeds out there often times it’s hard to choose. People can become overwhelmed when choosing a new member of the family and unfortunately end up picking a dog based on cuteness alone. This can cause many problems for the family and the dog’s future. A dog that is bred for hard labor but expected to be a lazy house pet can end up tied to the tree or wine up in the shelter. Choosing a breed is a personal choice but we can help you make it an educated one. We will access your life style, schedule, extra-curricular activities and help you choose the perfect breed for you!

102: Professional help choosing the best pup of the litter for you! While 101 Dalmatians includes a life style assessment with breed recommendations, 102 includes a litter assessment. We can help choose which pup will be the best for your family if you have already found a litter you would like to adopt from by observing the way the puppies interact with each other and you (especially great for choosing therapy dogs).We will also asses their current living situation and address and problems that may occur because of it. If you want to adopt or rescue we can accompany you to the shelter or pet store of your choice. Their maybe a mileage fee if the shelter or store is out of our area.
$50 each or $90 for both
See information regarding our cancellation policy here.

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Other Services


High velocity blow out of undercoat includes brushing. Helps reduce excess shedding.

Nail Trim

cut and dremel

Full Bath

Wash, dry, teeth, ears and nails. (no cuts but will trim pads and remove mats). Summer only.

Maintenace Boarding

Dog boarding that reinforces trained skills.
5% off after 20 consecutive days. Existing clients only.

Stuffed Frozen Kong


Turn Down Service

Heated/Cooled Blanket, bed time biscuit, bed time story.

Doggie Date

Special Car ride outing to get a pup cup or ice cream.

Dog Walk

Up to half an hour, reinforcing good manners and loose leash walking.

Dog PAW-ty!

Great for birthdays! Includes pet safe area to play, dog waste removal, treats, games and fun for all. Up to 5 dog friends total (invitations included). 1.5 hours. Vaccinations required. For birthdays the dog will receive a special birthday present from Terric Canines.


Enrichment Subscription

Weekly puzzle toy enrichment for your dog. Try before you buy! Includes Kongs, paw flappers and much more. Every week return previous products to get a new one refilled. Kongs will be refilled on weekly basis and a new puzzle toy will be rented out for that week. Find the puzzle toys your dog loves the most!
12 Months - $360 or $30/mo
6 Months - $210 or $35/mo
1 Month - $40

Exclusive VIP Membership

Access to fb group with trick of the month, tips, find out first and get priority to any classes, events, and private lessons. Free hand outs, and unlimited fallow up calls and a free bag of treats for first class.
$200/year (less than $17/mo!)

Holiday Fees: A $30 additional fee for holiday stays per day. This includes the day of holiday and the days before and after. (Example: For Christmas, 12/24, 12/25, 12/26 would carry the additional charge.)

This applies for the following holiday's: New Years, Valentine's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Processing Fees: All purchases using credit or debit cards will have an added fee of 4%