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Terric Canines Services Agreement
Cancellation Policy
Intake Form

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Dr. Ian Dunbar's - Before You Get Your Puppy!
Dr. Ian Dunbar's - After You Get Your Puppy
ASVAB Position Statement on Socialization
Dr. Ian Dunbar's - Bite Scale
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Products and Accessories

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Baby Doll with Crying Feature
Great for expecting parents or grandparents to prep their dogs for baby's arrival.
Noise Phobia CDS
By Victoria Stilwell and through a dogs ear. Options include, city sounds, thunderstorms, and fireworks. Help desensitize and change any negative associations to positive ones.
Calming Signals DVD
A visual guide through dog body language as explained in Turid Rugaa's book.
The language of dogs DVD
Understanding canine body language and other communication signals.
The Bite-O-Meter DVD
Understanding body language and facial expressions in dogs.
An A-Z ethogram of dog behavior and body language DVD
Video catalog and study guide on common dog behaviors in alphabetical order, normal speed and slow motion for best learning.

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