Pet Saver First Aid and CPR

Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Now you can be with PetSaver training. Terric Canines lead trainer Tiffany Mason is a  certified Pet Tech® Instructor!

Terric Canines teaches by demonstration, presentation, and hands-on skills practice for easy learning. We will guide you through the skills and techniques necessary to become the ultimate pet parent.

Don’t let your furry family members fall victim to accident or illness. Become the ultimate pet parent and sign up for a PetSaver™ class to learn more about Pet CPR, First Aid & Care today!

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"Living in beautiful Montana, people and their pets love to be in the great outdoors. Hiking and exploring can be a great experience for people and their pets until there is a medical emergency. As a dog trainer, many of my clients enjoy hiking for miles with their dogs. I wanted to be able to offer them training that will not only help them behaviorally but also medically. I decided to add pet saver and first aid programs to my services so I could offer another great gift of knowledge. I can teach you how to save your pet or clients pets life."

-Tiffany Mason (Owner of Terric Canines)

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