Our Team



Owner and Master Certified Dog Training
AKA The "Fairy Dog Mother"

Tiffany has worked with dogs since 2011 in many different aspects; daycare groups as large as 70+ dogs, boarding dogs (including feeding, welfare, and medication administration), grooming, and of course dog training (from basic obedience, behavior modification, aggression to even therapy and service dog training). Tiffany entered the master program at CATCH in 2014 and graduated top of her class in July in 2015. Once at CATCH Tiffany was able to fine tune her ability to read dog body language and gained knowledge of the science behind how dogs think and learn. She is now a CATCH mentor for future dog trainers. As a certified trainer and mentor, she does many types of continued education to heighten and better improve her skills. She is very passionate about animals and dedicated to make a difference, one dog at a time. With personal experience and loss owing an aggressive dog, Tiffany knows firsthand the pain and stress it can put on your life and has since devoted her career to helping animals. Tiffany’s future goals include becoming a puppy raiser, a CPDT-KSA, and an exotic animal trainer. As a member of NRDC (nature’s resource defense council), she actively recycles, donates, and signs petitions to safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants, its animals and the natural systems on which all life depends. When she is not trying to save the world, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her sons Jackson and Odin
her partner in life Evan and their dogs Optimus Prime, Bowser, Einstein, and their new foster fail Gunner.



Dog Lover & Trainer Assistant and Professional Distraction
AKA The "Dog Father"
Evan by trait is service technician that repairs and services multiple things throughout the flathead valley. He has received two associate degrees from Fox Valley Tech College for automotive technology and diesel technology. As well as several certificates of training from different brands of construction and agriculture equipment. Not only does he love to fix things but he loves dogs as well. He always grew up with a dog in his home, if not one, two. Lucky for Evan, he found a girl who has the same love for dogs as he does. They started with two…. then four…. now they’re onto number five. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


AKA The Dobie Kid
Jackson is a full-time student. He loves dogs and enjoys playing with all of our board and trainees. He knows how to reinforce basic dog manners while being a very exciting, professional distraction. Jackson has also been helping his dad with his new business (Mountain Men Mobile Repair). He helps fix cars and heavy equipment and is saving up for his first car. During his free time when he's not fixing stuff or playing with pups, he enjoys video games and learning taekwondo.


Demonstration Dog, Professional Socializer, Doggy Confidant and Playful Friend.
Einstein is now our packs demonstration pup and confidence booster! He helps other dogs gain confidence and facilitates learning. He leads by example and is a great dog friend!

Optimus Prime (Retired)

Tiffany’s first student and soul dog.
Optimus joins Bowser in retirement chewing toys and taking naps.