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Why do we LOVE flirt poles?

Too cold for a long walk? Exhausted after a long day at work? Limited mobility making it difficult to effectively exercise your dog? This a flirt pole may be a great solution! What exactly is a flirt pole? The flirt pole is like an extra-large cat toy but made for dogs. It consists of a pole with a rope and
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Pet Talk- Leash Ordinance Article

Daily Inter Lake; 12/24/2023
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Why easy walk harnesses and gentle leaders?

What is your walking equipment doing for you? Most equipment only tethers your dog to you during your walk. Some equipment even makes it easier and more natural for your dog to pull on the leash. The equipment we recommend here at Terric Canines are tools that go against the function of pulling. The function of pulling is to get
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APDT 2022 Conference Daytona FL

We were fortunate to get to participate at the association of professional dog trainers conference (APDT). The previous year had been online due to the pandemic. This year we got to put our best paw forward in person. We learned allot at the conference and enjoyed getting some ocean air! Continued education in this line of work is critical. Were
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Canine Expo

Flathead Kennel Club of Montana Canine Expo 2022 {Saturday, April 23, 2022}. It was great to be a part of this awesome canine expo! We met allot of likeminded people and enjoyed educating the community. Until next year!!!
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Smooch your Pooch

Valentine’s Day at Dee-O-Gee was an absolute hit!!!
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Feb 4th 2022 Rena crossed over the rainbow bridge. The hardest part of having a pet is losing them. The joy they bring us while they are here makes the pain of losing them worth it. Her paw prints will forever be on our hearts.
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Potty Problems

Potty training can be difficult for a puppy in winter, especially one from the warm south. It still needs to be done though. Einstein is doing better but he began to regress as the temp dropped below zero. He had a few accidents in the house. One trick I used to help keep these areas from becoming his new bathroom
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Christmas Time at Terric Canines

We purchased an advent Calendar made specifically for dogs!!! It was a great find at Costco! We alternated between our five dogs to give each of them some special one on one spoiling. Check out our Facebook (@Terric Canines) or Instagram (TerricCanines_DogTraining) to view the daily posts but in the meantime enjoy this gallery of our favorites! Merry Christmas and
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Socialize Your Puppies!!

Einstein has had an eventful week. He met a new friend Nala. They had a paw-some day playing together! Einstein enjoyed his safe play date with Nala.  Socialization is very important at this age. I do not recommend going to places such as the dog park but it’s vital for them to be socialized safely. Dogs have a critical socialization