Why easy walk harnesses and gentle leaders?

What is your walking equipment doing for you? Most equipment only tethers your dog to you during your walk. Some equipment even makes it easier and more natural for your dog to pull on the leash. The equipment we recommend here at Terric Canines are tools that go against the function of pulling. The function of pulling is to get closer. Your equipment should help prevent pulling from working. Front clip harnesses like the easy walk harness are a great example of a tool to help with pulling. Back clip harnesses actually make it easier to pull, imagine a sled dog team with all the dogs in their back hooked harnesses. Aversive equipment like choke chains and prong collars don’t go against the function of pulling. The dog can still get closer, there is just now added pain. Most times this pain doesn’t stop the dog from pulling and can also add negative associations with various things in the environment in turn causing leash aggression. Imagine a dog on an aversive pulling excited to meet another dog, they feel the pain and think it came from the other dog, not the choke chain or prong collar. Now when the dog sees another dog they get reactive trying to make the thing that hurts them go away. Using equipment that resembles a noose is not equipment we here at Terric Canines would ever recommend. Using regular collars can also be harmful. IF the dog is constantly pulling and your jerk back, turning the walk into a battle of tug of war, this can not only bait and amp the dog up but cause damage to the dogs trachea. Front clip harnesses can make a huge difference in your dog’s leash manners while also taking all the pressure off their neck. For strong dogs or extreme pullers gentle leaders can also be helpful. Gentle leaders go around the nose like a head halter for a horse. If you can direct the head the body will follow.  The gentle leader is not a muzzle, the dog can still eat, drink and even bite. Both the gentle leader and the easy walk harnesses are pain free methods that go against the function of pulling by turning the dog away from what they are pulling towards while not creating a negative association with their environment. This is why we highly recommend easy walk harnesses and gentle leaders here at Terric Canines.

Below is a picture of Bentley in his easy walk harness

Below is a picture of Pico in his gentle leader