Socialize Your Puppies!!

Einstein has had an eventful week. He met a new friend Nala. They had a paw-some day playing together! Einstein enjoyed his safe play date with Nala.  Socialization is very important at this age. I do not recommend going to places such as the dog park but it’s vital for them to be socialized safely. Dogs have a critical socialization window that closes before the dog is fully vaccinated. Many people fear parvo and isolate their pups until they’re fully vaccinated as per recommended by their vets. However, their critical socialization period is their first 3 months of life. They need to be exposed to and meet many different people as well as other animals. Taking your dog to an extremely dog exposed area that isn’t regulated like a dog park can be harmful because of the risk of parvo and the unknown behavior of the dogs at the park. We should and need to expose them in a safe way. Puppy play groups, or meeting a friends vaccinated, and well-mannered dog are great alternatives. I would also highly recommend having a puppy welcoming party. Invite your friends and family over and have them all meet your puppy in a safe and positive way. We want the dog to look forward to meeting new people and enjoying their company. We do not want our dogs to be overly shy or protective around strangers. This is not a good habit to develop and is takes allot of work to alter once established. We can avoid this all together by proper socialization from a young age. It is a fact that behavior issues are the number one cause for death in dogs under three years of age, not illness. Please refer to the Puppy Socialization statement from the AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior) for more information down below or feel free to contact Terric Canines.

Einstein had an allergic reaction to something that prompted a vet visit. After a few days his rash improved greatly. An allergy test will be in is future to help rule out any food and environmental allergies he may have. His older brother Optimus Prime had an allergy blood test done and it greatly improved his life by alerting us to the different types of food fillers and grass types he’s allergic to. Once Einstein is a little older, we will have the full panel done on him as well. Einstein has got a new puzzle toy this week. A Paw Flapper!!! This toy requires him to not only lift the flaps up but push them around to get all of the kibble out. These are much harder than the snuffle mat, but he seems to really enjoy the challenge! We are making sure to increase puzzle toy difficultly slowly to make sure he enjoys his lunch without getting too frustrated or giving up.