Einstein enjoys his Crate

This week has been filled with fun!!! Einstein received his first bath from mom and dad! He didn’t know what to think at first and drank some of the bath water. Luckily, he had his rubber ducky for emotional support throughout the experience. He is getting more comfortable with getting his nails dremeled. His confidence is shining through more and more every day! He is getting more accustomed to the weather in Montana and doesn’t have to constantly wear doggie clothes. Bowser is becoming his best friend and they enjoy playing together regularly. Einstein even went to Cabela’s to socialize and ran into Santa!!!! He’s been a very good boy and hopes Santa Paws comes bearing gifts and treats this year! He also has been enjoying his special toy in his crate, his Kong! He only gets this in his crate so it becomes something he can look forward to in there. It gives him something to do in his crate. Not only does his Kong keep him out of trouble but it also mentally stimulates him. Helping him burn energy in a natural dog way, by chewing and working out those jaws! Below you will notice a picture of him with his Kong in his crate. It is a large crate that he can grow into. Until then it’s blocked off with boxes, so he has a smaller space available to him. The amount of space will be increased as he grows. It’s important not to give them too much room, because that will increase the likely hood of potty accidents. We want them to have enough room to stand laydown and turn around, but don’t want to give them so much room that they can potty in one section and sleep in another. We have also placed reusable/washable potty pads in there on top of the dog bed for easier clean up. He has not had an accident in there yet! He also has a large stuffed toy that he likes to cuddle and a blanket he has had since he was a very young puppy for extra comfort in his crate. His crate is in a low traffic area and has a blanket over it to help him relax while he’s in there. On top of his crate is a sound machine to help drowned out other noises that would potentially disturb him. We have continued working on the behaviors sit, easy, off, and introduced come!!! Videos will be coming soon, stay posted!!