Einstein the Canine

Einstein is all settled in! He is self-coping (a skill he has learned by crate training) and is gaining confidence! We are well on our way to avoid any separation anxiety issues that could occur down the road. He’s had his nail dremeled last week and will continue to get them done weekly to help him get accustomed to it. Were are also touching his body all over and getting him use to any handling that can happen throughout his life. Consistency and patience is our priority. We have begun using his meals as training opportunities. Mornings are a busy time for us so he gets his kibble in a bowl like his siblings and is doing well with bowl boundaries. He is sticking to his own bowl and not trying to steal the other dog’s food. During lunch he continues to get puzzle toys and snuffles mats. For dinner we work on hand feeing for bond building and to work on his bite inhabitation (ability to control his jaws). We have continued potty training, crate training and have added the behavior sit. We want sit to be the first behavior he learns so it becomes his default behavior. A default behavior is a behavior the dog does when the dog is unsure of what we want. A sit is always a good behavior. All paws are on the floor and typically the dog is looking at you for more information. If we start by training paws up behaviors the dog will constantly paw for attention. I prefer not to train shake or sit pretty until the dog is older and has allot of other behaviors under their collar.