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Terric Canines has been serving the Flathead Valley since January 2021. We offer positive dog training for compatibility with our canine companions. The dog training and behavior modification methods provided are science-based, effective, and proven techniques that will help your dog choose the right behaviors without pain. We provide flexible and custom training plans to help each client reach their individual goals using LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) techniques. Our methods are designed to be enjoyable for both dogs and their owners, providing minimal risk to aversive side effects that can be common in punishment-based training methods.
We are so excited to be voted as one of the Flathead's best dog trainers in the Daily Inter Lake's Best of Flathead two years in a row! Thank You

Humane. Effective. Enjoyable.

We use positive science-proven techniques to build strong foundation and relationship between you and your pet. Your dog will be taught without force or pain. We believe continued education is key and attend annual conferences to stay up to date with training techniques. We offer a wide variety of training options to suit your individual needs and will train your dog like the family member they are.

Our Trainer

Our head trainer, Tiffany, has been working with dogs for over 14 years! She is a master certified dog trainer through C.A.T.C.H Canine Trainer Academy. Guided by a mentor, she completed 18 months of intensive education in dog behavior training. Today, she is a C.A.T.C.H. mentor and a member of "dog gone safe" as a dog bite preventative educator, APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers), AKC CGC Evaluator, and a member of pet professional guild.
"I believe in dog training, not forcing. To guide, not dominate. I'm a dog teacher, not dictator, a dog trainer, not enforcer. I don't believe in making the dog do it, I teach the dog how to do it.  Let's empower dogs to learn, not by intimidation, but by motivation." -Tiffany
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Customer satisfaction for our dogs and their humans is our top priority. Don’t just take it from us let our customer reviews speak for themselves!

Terric Canines is truly the best! Our family decided it was time to add a puppy to our home after being a cat only home for years. I was extremely nervous and anxious about how it was going to go with our 5 resident cats and whether they would accept each other. We rescued a 5 month old Chitbull puppy (chihuahua/pitbull mix) and I made the decision to utilize professional help from the beginning and within a week of Annie being here, I enlisted Terric Canines for help. Head trainer Tiffany was very responsive to my call and got me scheduled fast.

For starters, I was pleasantly surprised at the affordability and the convenient approach to training that Tiffany provides.

The first time, Tiffany came to our house and worked with Annie. I learned so many valuable tips on how to manage Annie and Tiffany answered all of our questions. I then enlisted Tiffany's help to train Annie to do better in public. We walked around Home Depot and Tiffany taught us so many techniques that we put into practice.

I look forward to signing Annie up for more classes with Terric Canines and learning more from Tiffany!

- Andrea J.

Tiffany has been amazing in helping me train my two Havanese puppies, Jax and Max! I was getting nowhere with them so she came to my home and within the first session they were already behaving so much better! She has been to my house several times and each time she gives me such great advice, invaluable tools and lovingly guides the dogs to better behavior! Tiffany is so professional and always arrives on time. Even our old girl, Abby gets in on the session and loves being part of it. If you need help training your dog I highly recommend Tiffany! She’s AWESOME!

- Sharon R.

Tiffany is wonderful!! She is really flexible with each family and dog’s individual needs. She has been creative in dealing with my two dogs and the things they need to work on as well as taking the time to include my kids in the training. She really takes time to listen and will even text me ideas. I’m really happy we found her!!

- Moriah S.

Tiffany is amazing she has helped my dog overcome fear of the car, be more obedient and calm. My dogs adore her and look forward to the lessons. I don’t have enough space to list all the good things. Best dog trainer ever!

- Lizé Mh

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I've worked with Tiffany for our reactive dog, and it's helped us so much to better understand what's going on, and what our dog really needs from us in order to overcome her triggers and become more confident and comfortable in situations. We've also recently begun training our new puppy with Tiffany, as well, and are so excited about it! I don't hesitate to recommend Terric Canines for your training needs.

- Kim S.

Terric Canines is an invaluable resource for first time and experienced pet owners alike. Tiffany’s approach to training has helped strengthen my bond with my dog while allowing us to confidently participate in activities we love thanks to skills learned (bite inhibition, basic obedience, emergency recall, socialization) during the Star Puppy Course and private lessons.

- Lindsey H.

I have had a couple other trainers for my dogs and I can say with confidence that Tiffany is the only one who actually made a difference and her techniques have truly helped so much. It is very obvious that She is super passionate about her work and truly cares. We just completed our 6 sessions, and we can’t wait to continue working with Tiffany. Bonus- my picky hound loves her 😊

- Alexis

Fig is making excellent progress in reactivity with Tiffany's guidance! Stranger reactivity is common in her breed (Shikoku) but with Tiffany's help she's gaining back confidence and calm in public around new people.

- Kelsie C.

We got Freddie, our Goldendoodle at 7 weeks old!! He was super cute but obnoxiously naughty ~ barking, biting, leash aggression and house training are a few of things that we just could not figure out with him…ENTER Tiffany and Terric Canines ~ with the initial visit she had Freddie responding to her so I was hopeful that with more intense training he would do well! “Do well” is an understatement for how he came back to us…he truly is a different dog!! I can’t thank Tiffany enough…

- Cindy M.

Tiffany was great! She was a perfect choice for our pup Coal and redirecting some of his bad behaviors due to his anxiety. She worked with Coal, and my family, so that we can better understand what was going on in his pup mind. I’m very grateful for her coming to our house and working with Coal! We could visibly see some behavior changes within the hour that she was here on just our first lesson alone! I highly recommend her, and love that she is caring and compassionate to the animals and ethical in her training methods.

- Danielle M.

Tiffany is absolutely amazing, no matter the breed the size or the age. She can turn your puppy or butthead dog into the most well behaved and amazing dog. It really is amazing watching her train your puppy, and train you how to train your dog without improper punishment. 10/10 recommend.

- Dustin W.

Wow --- Tiffany is a dog magician. If I could have waved a magic wand and gotten everything I wanted to help us train our four-month-old Golden Retriever, it would have been just the same as what we got in a couple training sessions with Tiffany. She's super confident, competent and engaging, and best of all, she clearly loves dogs. Her approach is unfailingly positive, with none of the alpha-dog-dominance techniques of other trainers I've worked with. They say no one's perfect, but that doesn't appear to apply to Tiffany, dog-training-wise.

- David S.

Terric Canines is quite honestly the BEST in the Flathead. Tiffany has been instrumental in helping myself and my Conie Corso Finley with training. Tiffany understands canine language, her training and suggestions has helped us get through bad behaviors. My pup was a bitter and one board and train 3-day session Tiffany turned Finley around.

- Pete

Perfect for us first time dog owners! I learned so many valuable skills and training tips from taking the puppy obedience course. I was thankful to learn training methods that were positive and allowed me to feel connected to my puppy! Tiffany really loves the puppies she helps train and was always very knowledgeable with answering questions.

- Courtney

She is amazing with my American Bully. I call her the dog whisperer. Also, super sweet and kindhearted. Absolutely trustworthy and professional. I highly recommended her.

- Lindsey

I have been through several trainers. Either we didn't work out or I just didn't like their method. Tiffany is hands down the most kind trainer. She's prompt to respond to questions and she works with you if you can't afford a bunch of training. I couldn't be happier.

- Shanelle

Tiffany is fantastic at what she does and has been such a valuable resource for my pup! She has helped my rambunctious Doberman puppy gain skill and confidence in his abilities, as well as has helped me as his owner gain confidence in him!  With her guidance, we've worked hard on basic obedience as well as his leash reactivity and he is turning into such a happy, well adjusted, and well-behaved boy! 10/10 recommend all of her services.

- Mikayla G.

Tiffany began training our Yorkiepoo Winston when he was six months old. We just added a Yorkie, Maggie Mae, to our family. She is 12 weeks old and we already started her training with Tiffany. She is an exceptional trainer and I highly recommend her.

- Addie
Tiffany is one of the best trainers I have ever come across. I got her number from the receptionist at my Vet's office. I am so glad I did. She has so much knowledge about dogs and their cognitive behavior. My husband and I have had dogs before and tried other trainers but nothing really stayed with us. After our first session with Tiffany we knew we had learned valuable techniques. Our black lab, Chevelle, is lovely but we were using a lot of old school ways of showing her we were in control. With Tiffany's guidance we are learning to read Chevelle's body language better and understand more on how she might view certain situations. We are being taught how to give her positive reinforcement and redirect her negative actions. Chevelle has taken to this training very well! I am looking forward to more sessions and the bond that forms between Chevelle and us. Thank you Terric Canines!!

- Adriana
Tiffany came to my house and worked with both of my dogs on learning “easy” and “off”. She gave me fantastic advice on dog behavior and their calming signals, which let me know that they are trying to understand these new commands. I was most impressed by her technique with teaching them the emergency recall, which was a priority with two labradors that like to wander when we hike. I have been working with them for just a few weeks and have seen a remarkable difference in their absolute attention when I make that call. It has already proven to work on at least two stressful occasions. Call Tiffany with your questions, I have no doubt she will have answers to help you.

- Julie Scribner

Tiffany is very knowledgeable and professional. She works well with the dogs and people. A very helpful and enjoyable experience.

- Kati B.

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    To make a difference in dogs lives one paw at a time. By using positive training methods we create compatibility with our canine companions. Through science and education making positive training the norm and slowly ridding the world of choke chains and prong collars.

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